World Wide Wars


Do you store my email?

Yes. But we will not spam you. There is a newsletter subscription, but you have to opt-in if you want to receive anything from us.

If I login through Facebook connect what happens then?

We request only the basic info (name, family name) and your email which we use to log you in. Facebook will warn you about the data before you authorize connection. We don't require nor request any other data or permission and we will never automatically alter your Facebook status (to post anything from this page, you will alsways have to click a specific button).

What about my password?

We store it only in an unreadable form. So technically we never see your password nor can anybody else. In case of Facebook connect, we never see the password and we don't need one.

If I subscribe to the newsletter, what will you send me?

The subscription is meant primarily for notification about future aditions: multiplayer, new campaigns and other new content.

Is there any paid content in the game?

No. And there will be none in any foreseeable future. This game is (really) free-to-play and for you to enjoy.

Do you make any money with the game?


Why did you make it then?

We just love games.

Will the game always be completely free?

We guarantee it will stay free-to-play and we will never add any pay-to-win features! We hate those.

Is it possible I've seen this game somewhere before?

Yes. We never intended to hide the fact that we were really heavily inspired by Advance Wars found on Game Boy Advance.

What are the differences?

There are many under the hood, but most obvious is the lack of some gameplay mechanics found Advance Wars. Reason for this rests in the fact that game was made by two people in their spare time (no pay). However this doesn't mean new features will not keep appearing in the future.

Is this the final version of the game?

No. This is only the first iteration of the game. We will constantly upgrade the game and fix bugs as we find them. In near future we will most likely add a new campaign with another faction that will differ from the one currently present.

General Info

For general info, contact us on info atthisdomain

For game specific help we are available on support atthisdomain

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